Transport of valuables throughout Europe, whether by road, water or air

Standstill – this word is feared in production, as it usually causes serious problems. Even a missing component is enough to stop the tape and nothing goes. In such situations, manufacturing companies have to wait for the missing components to be delivered, with cash devouring every minute. End customers often make use of high claims for redress. In order to avert this case, we offer you in cooperation an express transport in the helicopter and/or area.

Pallets Recycling – Purchase – Repairs – Sale

We have a wide range of pallets. Egel, whether Euro- single-use- industrial- CP- or special pallets – we repair, buy and sell used pallets for your needs.

Your pallets will be stored dry in our heated hall

The ideal interplay between warehouse logistics and pallet trade creates the conditions for us as a customer to serve you comprehensively, to respond to your wishes and to offer you our proven full service.

Simple digitization of the company

  • Online Scheduler – The Scheduler helps you effectively plan and manage public appointments that multiple colleagues want to attend. You can invite your colleagues to the appointment and use the Scheduler to find a time that suits all participants optimally.
  • Management task — Create an unlimited number of tasks and projects with any nesting (subtasks, parent tasks). Use recurring tasks and task templates. If necessary, all tasks can be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Comprehensive reporting – use pre-built reports to keep you informed about the "state of play" in your project. If the pre-made reports aren't enough for you, you can use a Reports Designer to create any report in a very flexible way.
  • Customer data management software – You have a complete database of your customers and contacts, your entire communication with customers as well as the complete customer history are available here.

In particular, care facilities are already successfully advised by our cooperation partners, taking into account the current public support measures.

Digitization of customer management

  • Invoicing
  • Customer
  • Reports
  • Orders
  • Online forms
  • Integrations with social messenger
  • Integrations with social networks

Automation of work processes

  • Missions
  • Absence list
  • Order requests
  • Billing
  • Customizable business processes

Digital project management

  • Time recording in tasks
  • Task Dependencies
  • Reports
  • Communication in projects
  • Kanban
  • Gantt Diagram
  • Flexible access rights

Digital scheduling

  • Different calendar types
  • Schedule
  • Memories
  • Flexible access rights
  • Sync with Outlook and Google

Digital employee communication

  • Public and private chats
  • Group chats
  • News history
  • Video and audio calls
  • Free video conferencing
  • Converting the chat to the task

Mediation and project planning of commercial properties

Powerful Competence teams and networks of experts on the subject "Property" secures our customers the best chances and all Benefits. By involving excellent law firms, we enable investors to from the region, at home and abroad, an individual, optimal value creation. Because of this comprehensive service, our customers from Germany and abroad trust our house has been involved in their real estate transactions for decades. We are pleased to to make this service available to you.

However, we take care of not only for buying and selling and renting your property – if you the management and maintenance of your property is also taken care of. Our partner companies are ready for this. According to the motto "Everything from one hand" so that you are relieved and take care of more essential things Can.

Motor vehicle service

We are contractual partners of the nationwide active company Myschlepp.

Myschlepp's service is to use a network of false tankers directly and uncomplicated directly on site through our certified service partners.

Our concern to you is to inform you about our app in the future directly and thus relieve you of the burden.

This is done by simply scanning (see flyers and stickers) or entering the homepage via the mobile phone. After announcing your location, you will be immediately connected to one of our service partners, who will help you with your mobility in the shortest possible time on site.

MySchlepp APP Access